Wales’ budding B Corp businesses

B Corp is considered an international gold standard for sustainability. It involves a holistic approach which requires engagement from all aspects of a business to maintain its accreditation. This includes how the business operates, its structure, its employees and production processes, alongside transparency and accountability. 

Could your business become B Corp?

Wales’ B Corp portfolio is blossoming. With Welsh Government providing access to expertise and training for businesses to become greener and more sustainable, it allows businesses to get that much closer to their sustainability goals, including B Corp.

In a world increasingly attuned to the environmental needs of the planet, it is becoming a prerequisite for food and drink manufacturers to be producing their goods with sustainability at the forefront of their thinking.

It seems likely that in the long run, those retailers and manufacturers who demonstrate business responsibility through sustainable improvements in environmental, social, health and quality values will be most favoured by consumers.

Doing good by your staff and the planet, alongside support from Welsh Government, isn’t it time you joined the B Corp community? Contact the Sustainability Cluster and begin your journey towards a more sustainable food and drink industry in Wales.

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Welsh B Corp stars

Bcorp Coaltown2

Coaltown Coffee

Bcorp Drop Bear Beer

Drop Bear Beer

Bcorp Flawsome


Bcorp Halen Môn

Halen Môn

Bcorp Hilltop


Bcorp Wholebake


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