Helping your food and drink business become more sustainable

Now is the time to act. We’ve reached a critical point in our history where our actions matter more than ever. Every citizen from every country has the power to contribute collectively towards our planet’s regeneration through the food we eat.

Five reasons to join the Sustainability Cluster


Market insight

Through engagement with retailers, industry experts and market research, the Sustainability Cluster will help you identify what sustainability credentials your business needs to meet the expectations of both consumers and retailers.


Access to expertise and innovation

The Sustainability Cluster has links with Welsh Government, academia, the three food innovation centres, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Cymru, Food and Drink Skills Wales and others. Access to this expertise will help your business with process improvement, automation, reformulation, packaging, waste management and much more.


1:1 support provided for B Corp certification

The Sustainability Cluster boasts a successful track record of collaborating closely with Welsh food and drink businesses, guiding them through the B Corp certification process. The Cluster facilitates businesses in completing the B Impact Assessments and manages a specific B Corp workstream of businesses keen on achieving the coveted certification.


Branding and showcasing at events

Under the Food and Drink Wales branding, the Sustainability Cluster showcases businesses at important events such as the Royal Welsh Show and BlasCymru/Taste Wales, providing the perfect platform to connect with a wide audience and promote the sustainability credentials of your products.


Growing community

Already boasting over a hundred members from across the industry, along with government bodies and 30 academic organisations, the Sustainability Cluster is continually growing and providing a valuable resource for food and drink businesses to flourish and succeed, through sharing information and best practice.

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How the sustainability cluster can help your business

We’ve all felt the effects of climate breakdown through our food. Whether it’s our farmers experiencing abnormal weather conditions, us the industry-professionals watching food costs rise, or our customers seeing food shortages on supermarket shelves.

In a world increasingly attuned to the environmental needs of the planet, it is becoming a prerequisite for food and drink manufacturers to be producing their goods with sustainability at the forefront of their thinking.

Consumers now expect their food and drink to be sustainably sourced and delivered, relying on manufacturers to ensure this happens.

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