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Welcome to our simple resource aimed at providing some top tips on how to reduce your food waste, packaging, and energy use in the kitchen. We’ve also developed some ‘waste not’ recipes and partnered with eco-chef Tom Hunt on other tasty dishes that you might want to try at home.

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Sustainable eating

Start simple with modest changes to your cooking and purchasing habits and before you know you’ll be thinking up your own ideas of how to save time, money and the planet.

Wilted watercress Welsh lamb

Carrot top pesto

Love Welsh food and drink…

The range of food and drink produced here in Wales is diverse.

Kale and lemon barleyotto

Cauliflower leaf gratin

Ten waste-nots

Some handy top tips of what to do with those left over bits…

Five ways to reduce energy whilst cooking

Reducing waste in the kitchen isn’t just about saving food; the energy that it takes to cook our food also contributes to our environmental foodprint.

Fish scrap croquettes

Vegetable scrap stock

Clam, leak and pearl barley

Potato skin chips

Five ways to eat sustainably on a budget

Eating sustainably is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money and time.

Five steps to reduce your packaging

In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging.

Waste free summer pudding

Mocha brownies

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